True Spirit Pagan Moot

True Spirit Moot was established in May 2011 as a trial and hasn't looked back!  It became very apparent that there was nowhere that local pagans could meet and socialise, so after a little persuasion and a lot of enthusiasm we formed our local Moot.  


We meet on the last Thursday of each month at 7.30pm, 

at The Taste of England, Lower Henwick Farm, Turnpike Road, Thatcham, RG18 3AP.


We organise different activities, workshops and outings.  We are a very friendly group and would love to see you there!


True Spirit Pagan Moot


  Meet and socialise with likeminded people

     Welcoming all ages, experiences and pagan paths.

Next Moot......


Thurs 27th February 2014


Our moots are friendly, open meetings, we are always delighted to see new faces, so come and join us!

Feb 27th   Moot - Group craft project

March 15th   Global Water Ceremony

March 22/23rd   Walk in the woods &

    Ostara Celebration

March 27th   Moot - Q & A Evening

April 24th   Moot - Astronomy Eve.

May 3/4th   Beltane Celebration

May 29th   Moot - Anniversary Party    

June 21st   Solstice Celebrations in


June 26th   Moot - Evening of Tarot

July 31st   Moot - Lughnasadh


Aug       -   Trip to Calleva

Aug 28th   Moot - Social & Quiz

Sept 20/21st   Walk in the woods &

    Mabon Celebration

Sept 25th   Moot - Working with Colour

Oct 30th   Moot - Samhain Celebration

    & Pumpkin Carving competition

Nov      -    Yule Craft & Gift Fair

Nov 27th   Moot -

Dec 19th   Moot - Yule Feast

Alongside fun, laughter and sharing, there are various regular features at a True Spirit Moot...


Book Club - an opportunity to bring along a book that you would like to share, read from or share an exercise from.


Food Bank Collection - Help us support our local Food Bank, bring along an item from the list found on the Photos Page.


Pagan Traditions - Learn about a different tradition at each Moot.


Practical   - This could be making something, thinking about an aspect of your own personal journey or participating in an activity traditional with the time of year

True Spirit Regulars

For Newbury, Thatcham & surrounding areas

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